Company Profile

Company Profile

Beihai Xinhong Hengda Machinery Equipment Co. Ltd. is a company with 20 years of experience, specializing in the production of wet fishmeal oil complete set of equipment, and provide professional fishmeal production industry complete set of solutions. In recent years, the company has set foot in the harmless treatment industry and has developed a series of harmless treatment equipment for poultry and livestock with various specifications and processing capabilities. The company can also be customized according to the specific needs of customers, equipment quality and performance in the forefront of the industry.

The company is located in the beautiful environment and convenient transportation of Beihai City Industrial Park, its predecessor was Haicheng District, Beihai City Xinhong Machinery Factory. After more than a decade of unremitting efforts, the company has grown from a common small factory to a large and medium-sized manufacturing company with three manufacturing plants and annual output value of hundreds of millions of yuan.

Our products are all over the country including Guangxi, Guangdong, Hainan, Fujian, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Shandong and Liaoning. At the same time, the company has actively expanded its international market and exported its exports to Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Africa, South America and other countries, including Vietnam, India, Thailand, Pakistan, Myanmar, the Philippines, Indonesia, and Oman in the Middle East. African countries Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia, Mauritania, Senegal, South Africa, etc., and South American countries Chile, Peru, Mexico and Suriname. In order to serve customers more easily, the company has offices in India and Mauritania so that it can provide services to customers more quickly and in a timely manner.

We have years of experience in equipment development production, installation and commissioning maintenance. Having a professional technical research and development team and introducing the advanced production process of ATLAS in Europe, combined with many years of practical experience, it has successfully developed a series of wet fishmeal oil production lines with various specifications and processing capabilities and equipment for the harmless treatment of poultry and livestock. The daily processing capacity of the production line ranges from 80 tons to 600 tons. The performance, quality, and stability of large hosts in a series of production line equipment, including cooking machines, presses, dryers, coolers, enrichment equipment, etc., are all in the leading position in the industry.

We can tailor the best solutions for our customers according to the conditions and needs of different countries and customers, including project planning including site design, production line equipment configuration, equipment performance optimization or cost-saving optimization. In addition to planning the project, the company is also responsible for the installation and commissioning of equipment across the board to ensure that the entire production line matches the needs of customers and is in the best working conditions. In short, the company can provide customers with "turnkey" projects. Whether or not you are an investor in business experience, the company can quickly help customers with professional knowledge and services to achieve fruitful results in the industry.

We also have a scientific management system and a perfect after-sales service system. The company's installation technical team has many years of domestic and foreign installation work experience, rich field construction experience, the field to solve practical problems. According to the characteristics of different raw materials, the company can adjust the production line according to the actual needs of customers to achieve the best working conditions and results. At the same time, the company can also conduct targeted technical training in the field, through technical explanations and field operations, to the customer's technical personnel to explain and practical training operations, so that the customer technical personnel can be the fastest speed of induction operations.

The company strives for perfection in after-sales service, so that every customer can be satisfied. In addition to providing comprehensive commissioning, maintenance and technical support during the normal warranty period, the company always insists on providing the best service for customers. Therefore, the company provides lifelong maintenance, upgrade and technical support services for its products and is responsible for the customers. At present, in addition to domestic after-sales service centers, the company has set up after-sales service points in India and Mauritania, and long-term dispatch technicians to provide rapid response services for neighboring customers. Therefore, it has also been unanimously praised by new and old customers.

We sincerely hope to be able to create benefits for new and old customers and serve all customers. We welcome new and old customers to contact us and work with us to create a better cause.

Beihai Xinhong Hengda Machinery Equipment Co. Ltd