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How to test run fishmeal equipment?

How to test run fishmeal equipment?

The fishmeal equipment can dry powder and granular materials with special requirements. In order to achieve a good state of fishmeal equipment, test operation experiments are required. The specific requirements are as follows:

The first step is to observe the correct steering of the main drum.

The second step is to observe whether the main drum and the passing parts are flexible, whether the steam inlet and outlet are connected to the drying equipment, and whether the pressure gauge is within the working pressure range.

The third step is to start the motor. The main roller runs smoothly. After the temperature rises, the motor speed is adjusted and the film uniformity of the material on the drum is adjusted to control the final water content of the material.

The fourth step is to start the motor, output the dry finished material, and adjust the motor speed according to the amount of dry finished product.

Complete the test operation of the above fishmeal equipment. If there is no abnormal phenomenon, it can be officially used.

Steaming machine is a widely used fishmeal equipment and plays a very important role in the processing of fishmeal. So, how does the cooking machine work?

The steamer consists of a barrel-shaped shell and a spiral shaft with steam heating. The barrel-shaped shell is equipped with a steam jacket, and the spiral blades on the spiral axis and shaft are hollow structures with internal steam. The raw material enters the machine from the mouth of the material, is heated by the spiral shaft and the spiral leaf and the steam sandwich, and slowly moves forward under the impetus of the blade. As the raw material matures, the volume occupied gradually decreases and is constantly stirred and turned. Under the action of the discharge end digger, the clinker is discharged uniformly and continuously from the outlet.

This completes the entire operation of the steamer. Now do you understand?

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