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Planting the Flying Wings for the Blue Economy: Marine Science and Technology from the Northwest Sea to the Sea Economy Series

Planting the Flying Wings for the Blue Economy: Marine Science and Technology from the Northwest Sea to the Sea Economy Series

To develop the sea economy, scientific and technological support is indispensable. Since 2017, Beihai City in Guangxi Province has accelerated the construction of the Beihai Marine Industry Science and Technology Park, vigorously supported the construction of the Fourth Marine Research Institute of the Ministry of Natural Resources, continuously enhanced the strength of marine science and technology, and focused on building a new pattern of modern marine industries that are clustered, high-end and innovative.

On October 9th, the reporter entered the factory building of Beihai Xinhong Hengda Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. in Beihai Industrial Park and saw that advanced CNC machine tools, tall stamping machines, and assembled equipment products were smoothly produced.

"We have just designed a fish pump to fill the domestic gap. "The chairman of the company, Hexinguo, introduced that the suction pump adopts a vacuum method and automates the entire pipeline. It can preserve fresh fish in good condition. It is currently in the commissioning stage and is ready to apply for a patent.

Xinhong Hengda pays attention to R&D investment. For more than a decade, it has grown from a small workshop to a large and medium-sized manufacturing company with three large marine industrial equipment manufacturing plants and an annual output value of more than 100 million yuan. More than a dozen R&D patents, Products are distributed in various coastal provinces and Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Africa, South America and other countries.

"The company has grown so fast that it can not leave Beihai City with relevant ocean policies and financial support. " said Hexinguo, laughing.

The integrated building of the Fourth Institute of Oceanography of the Ministry of Natural Resources stands in the North Sea Ocean Marine Industry and Technology Park. Fanjingfeng, a member of the four preparatory teams for the establishment of the ocean, told reporters that the Institute participated in the application for the 2018 National Science and Technology Basic Resources Survey; Two Beihai City Science and Technology Plan projects were declared and approved; At present, it is actively applying for the "13th Five-Year Plan" science and technology program in Guangxi.

The four oceans and seas are of great importance to the North Sea. They not only attract marine scientists and senior talents, bring elite research forces at the national level, but also form and transform a large number of high-level scientific research achievements. They can add strong wings of science and technology to the blue economy and fly.

As the only marine industrial park in Guangxi, the North Sea marine industrial science and technology park has developed vigorously under the direction of the sea. It has introduced the Beihai Base of the Third Ocean Research Institute of the Ministry of Natural Resources, the Beibu Gulf Research Institute of the Marine Technology Research Center of Tsinghua University, the Beibu Gulf Ecological Environment and Resources Comprehensive Experimental Station of the Yantai Coastal Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the Institute of Oceanography and Beibu Gulf Research Institute of Guangxi University, the Beihai Research Institute of Harbin University of Engineering, and the Beihai Research Institute of Zhejiang University of Zhejiang University. The research areas include marine biological medicine, high-end marine industrial equipment and marine intelligence equipment, marine new materials, marine ecological engineering, marine environmental protection, marine aquatic breeding, Nanzhu research, and maritime safety. A public service support platform for marine science and technology incubation and training of marine talents was initially set up, and the blueprint for a modern marine ecological new city and a marine innovation demonstration city, which are integrated, innovation-driven and complex operations, was slowly launched.

"In the three coastal cities of Guangxi, the marine economic base of the North Sea is relatively good, but there is still a significant gap with the developed provinces and cities along the coast. "Fanjingfeng said that Shandong Qingdao Blue Valley has gathered a large number of marine research institutes and scientific and technological talents, hatched a large number of marine science and technology companies, and is emerging as an international marine science and technology new city. Therefore, the North Sea must rely on science and technology to accelerate the pace of development of the sea economy.

"There were fewer than 100 people in the marine research institutes in Guangxi before the four oceans were settled," said Yangjialin, party secretary of the Guangxi Ocean Research Institute. "

The Guangxi Ocean Research Institute was established in 1978. As of the year 2000 before the conversion, it has undertaken 17 projects of the National Natural Science Foundation, 12 projects of the National local government, completed more than 100 scientific research projects, and won 35 awards for scientific and technological progress at all levels. Published 8 monographs, In particular, it took the lead to complete the comprehensive survey of Guangxi coastal and marine resources and the comprehensive survey of Guangxi island resources, which has far-reaching implications. After the conversion system, the nature of the unit changed from a business to an enterprise, mainly to undertake low-level short-term projects, and its scientific research level and comprehensive strength fell. Two academic leaders were transferred to work at Shenzhen and Hainan universities. Many outstanding scientific and technological talents were transferred or went to the sea to do business. By the end of 2004, various professional middle and senior experts had been reduced from more than 80 to 30.

"With the support of the local government, sister units in other coastal provinces have now grown into research centers and strong Institutes with hundreds of scientific and technological personnel, and have become important scientific and technological support for the development of the local marine economy. "Yangjialin regrets that Guangxi has to use the marine research forces of other provinces to carry out some marine basic research projects with the withdrawal of the public welfare research disciplines of the Ocean Research Institute.

"I hope that the autonomous region will support the Ocean Research Institute to resume the establishment of the original public welfare basic research department to provide scientific and technological support for the economic development of Guangxi and the North Sea to the sea. " said Yangjialin.

For the development of marine science and technology in the North Sea, Fanjingfeng suggested that Beihai should draw on the advanced experience and practices of coastal developed areas in introducing marine science and technology talents, establishing a marine project bank, building innovative platforms, and transforming scientific and technological achievements. We will build a marine science and technology development system that conforms to the characteristics of the development of the North Sea.

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