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Beihai Xinhong Hengda Mechanical Equipment Co.,Ltd originates from Beihai Xinhong Fishmeal Equipment Co., Ltd. has many years experiences in equipment development,manufacture,installation and maintenance. And the team of engineers has more than twenty years' experience in the industry. We invested a huge resource in research and development that gained a National Innovation Fund Award and been honored as the Technical Innovation Enterprise. Our company applies for a number of national patents,new practical patents every year…

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  • Fishmeal Production Line
  • Meat & Bone Meal Production Line
  • Oil refining system
  • Evaporator system
  • Fishmeal Production Line
    Fish meal means a product obtained by fish or fish waste to which no other matter has been added.It is coarse brown flour or cake without oil, obtained from cooking, pressing, drying and milling fresh raw fish or fish trimmings. It is a high-protein feed stuff for aquaculture and terrestrial animals. Basic processes: Purchase raw material – Process- Product: Fish meal+Fish oil - Sale
  • Meat & Bone Meal Production Line
    The basic process of project production: procurement of raw materials - production and processing - finished products: meat and bone meal + animal fat - finished product sales. This project transports the purchased raw materials to the factory and puts them into the raw material warehouse freezer for temporary storage. Then through the screw conveyor, the raw materials are transported to the crushing process, and after crushing, the raw materials continue to enter the cooking process. The cooking temperature exceeds 95°C, the raw materials are fully cooked after heating, and after sterilization, the cooked raw materials enter the press. The press separates the well-cooked raw material into two parts, solid and liquid. The solids, which contain about 35% water, are sent to a dryer for drying, and the dried powder can be cooled and packaged directly into a finished meat and bone meal. After the liquid passes through the centrifuge, animal oil and protein water containing some proteins and other substances are separated. Animal fats and fats are stored in oil tanks and sold as by-products. There is roughly 5% solid content in the protein aqueous solution, and a large amount of water is evaporated by sending it to the concentration equipment, and the solid content of the finished product after concentration is 40%, and the protein aqueous solution is sent to the dryer.
  • Oil refining system
    The refining of fish oil can produce high-quality finished fish oil, which is matched by a fishmeal production line. It is convenient, fast, efficient and environmentally friendly, and has a high oil yield. The finished product is pure in color and excellent in quality. 1) The liquid (juice) produced in the fishmeal production process is heated by the heating system, and then sent to the centrifuge by the water pump, and the centrifuge separates the juice out: (1) fish oil and (2) protein water solution; 2) (1) The fish oil is transported to the tank. 3) After that, the fish oil can be stored or entered into the further refining oil system, or directly weighed, packaged and stored for sale.
  • Evaporator system
    1) All equipment of the evaporator apply closed design; Each piece of equipment has an exhaust gas outlet and exhausted by negative pressure. 2) The design concept of the concentration equipment is to use the exhaust gas discharged from other major production equipment as a heat source to evaporate the excess water from the protein solute and turn it into high-concentration liquid which is easy to be processed. It can be dehydrated by the dryer. This design can save energy ((1) The concentration equipment uses the heat of the waste gas; (2) reduce the energy consumption of the dryer), and increase the efficiency of the dryer.
  • Intelligent Device Field
    Turnkey Project
    Overall Planning and Design Engineering

    We provide a complete solutions from planning and design, engineering construction, equipment installation to user training and maintenance. With a faithful heart to create international advanced level and cost-effective equipment for customers, we do create high-quality turnkey projects. According to the conditions of different regions and the capital needs of customers, we will create a suitable production process and process layout.

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